Our goals are:

#Create the most favorable conditions for the development of a free press in Ukraine

#Freedom of speech, free media and public opinion.
legally protected media that allow citizens to be truly knowledgeable about the state of affairs in the country

#Copyright and Intellectual Property Protection

#We aim to improve the quality of journalistic education through conducting of practical trainings and organization of internships for students of faculties of journalism

#Creating a supportive environment for the development of Ukrainian media through:

  • monitoring of violations of professional rights of journalists, especially at the regional level;
  • conducting educational events for editors and media personnel on legislation that ensures the free and transparent functioning of journalism;
  • establishing an open dialogue between the media, non-governmental organizations and government structures through joint seminars, workshops and roundtables;
  • promoting the development of interregional and international media partnership.

There is a “Free Blog” on the site, where every journalist, blogger or PR manager can express their opinion on a particular public problem, political phenomenon, process or institution